We witness a miracle each time a child enters a life. But those who must make their journey home across time and miles, growing in the hearts of those waiting to love them, are carried on the wings of destiny. And placed among us by God's own hands.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Lots of Newness

I can't believe it has been over a month since I posted last. So much has happened that it is surreal. The biggest event is of course that we are moved and (mostly) settled into our new pad in Arizona. Here are the updates:

New Job: So far my impression is that the new school district that I am working for is awesome. I mean really awesome, as in they actually care about the people working for them, because they know the success of the students depends on how well teachers are treated. I have had several conversations with the superintendent and saw him on sight at two of the three locations that I am working at. In the last district I worked for, I saw the superintendent one time and that was during new teacher orientation. I never once saw him actually visiting a school. Every new teacher was also given a copy of two books (Fred Jones and Harry Wong), both which I am always recommending to teachers, so that was great to see.

New House: We are renting, which bugs me, but there is also some relief that we don't have to focus on fixing up a house right away. Our pad is really nice and way more spacious then our last house. Our master bed and bath is huge and I have a Jacuzzi for the first time (Leo loves taking bubble baths in it). The kitchen has beautiful marble counters and a huge island that seats all the kids. Not much for landscaping in the backyard but it is big and the pool (with cute little waterfall) is great! The neighborhood is nice and landscaped with close grassy parks right next door and the school is less then a block from our house.

Arizona Heat: To say it is hot here is a understatement BUT it depends on the time of day that you ask me. It is completely gorgeous (dry and bug free) outside in the morning and late evening. You really don't want to be hanging outside though anywhere between noon and 5pm unless you are in a swimming pool. The funny thing is, I have been in the pool with the kids a couple times getting into the evening hours of 7pm and later and I actually get cold! Yep, we are really gonna become cold weather wimps now! The weird thing is that no one is outside here right now, so the kids are getting worried that they will not meet friends. People at work have assured me that by the end of August everyone will resurface again!

Vanessa: Oh boy has this girl kept us on our toes for the last several weeks. She is head strong in deed! Our focus has gone from her surgery to keeping her safe and managing her adjustment to living in a family. Let me just say that forming a attachment to a 9 year old child is not a easy task, then add in a history of trauma, a major surgery and a move and the challenge is enormous. Thank goodness for our middle daughter who has been a trouper at staying by her new sister's side through the thick and thin. I am also thankful for having a VERY patient husband and for having my own professional knowledge. We have had to work through Vanessa understanding why she cannot swim when the others can (don't feel bad she gets to watch her favorite shows and eat treats while the others swim), why sometimes she needs to watch what other people want to watch on t.v., why she cannot scratch open her stitches even though they itch and why tipping herself over in the wheelchair is a really bad idea! And, oh yeah, it is not nice to say whatever you think to people...... Head strong may actually be a understatement. But underneath it all, I know, and see a very vulnerable little girl. Each day we get a little closer to that little girl trusting us enough for her to soften up a bit more and each time she also shares a little more of her history with us. The attachment dance is on.....

Blessed to Be Stressed in Arizona!

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