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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Can it Get Worse in Haiti?

Perhaps yes, and that is what is really scary. Not long after reports that the cholera outbreak had been contained, it is now quickly becoming out of control. Thousands of cases have now been identified in Port au Prince, mostly coming from the slum areas. To add to the problem, pockets of violent protests erupted in the cities of Cap Hatien and Port au Prince this week. A combination of desperation, fear, and misinformation has led some Haitiens to believe that the Cholera was brought to Haiti by UN forces. The source of the Cholera is being investigated the accusations have been disputed at this point. The sad irony is that the supplies and services so desperately needed have been halted or stopped all together in the areas impacted by the violence, the same areas most affected by the cholera outbreak. To complicate matters further the presidential election in Haiti is approaching at the end of November.




I have said this before and I will keep telling everyone I can. If you want to help please give to small organizations, the ones who are on the ground and doing work right now to save lives and shelter orphans. For His Glory Adoption Outreach http://www.forhisgloryoutreach.org/ continues to support the Maison orphanage, providing a safe haven for orphaned and abandoned children in Port au Prince. Most of their children come from the slum areas where the cholera is spreading. I would predict that as the cholera outbreak increases, the number of orphans being brought to the creches will also increase. This is all coming as the orphanages in Haiti struggle to obtain the necessary financial resources to meet the needs of the children in their care. Just something to point out here, neither the government of Haiti nor any large humanitarian agencies directly provide for the operating costs of the orphanages.

Another amazing agency The Haiti Rescue Center is busy performing miracles as we speak. They are located in the area of Cazale. Their usual work is that of saving severely malnourished and ill children. Once returned to health the kids go back to their families or in the rare occasion are placed for adoption. The cholera outbreak in the local region has apparently challenged their work and in response they have opened their door to treating those patients who are to sick to make it to the nearest hospital. They have treated 227 cholera patients in 10 days. The pictures and stories posted on their blog are both heartbreaking and amazing. They are doing a incredible amount of work with the limited resources that they have. Check them out and make a donation at http://haitirescuecenter.wordpress.com/

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