We witness a miracle each time a child enters a life. But those who must make their journey home across time and miles, growing in the hearts of those waiting to love them, are carried on the wings of destiny. And placed among us by God's own hands.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Good and Bad News

Well some good and bad news has been spread throughout bloggerland. There is a large batch of families waiting on referrals in Rwanda, 12 total and those matches have reportedly been made by the nuns at the orphanage and medical testing has been completed. This actually is really great news! The 12 families represent a variety of independant and agency assisted adoptions. The bummer is that it must have taken awhile to collect all the necessary referral information for this many families because it is just going to the Ministry's office this week. By report the head nun at Home of Hope Orphanage will be meeting with the person in charge of adoptions at the Minister of Gender and Family Promotion this Friday. Please note that I am obtaining this information third party from:http://dorbandsonajourney.blogspot.com/
The new adoption rules in Rwanda state that the Minister's office must coordinate and approve all matches between children and adoptive families. If all is well and the Ministry's office approves the matches then at the earliest we will hear something sometime next week. If for some reason our match would not be approved then the whole process would need to be repeated. I think a safe estimate is that we will have our approval by the end of the month.


  1. Tony & Kari - That sounds like good news. I got some new baby clothes & baby blanket(all handed knitted)for your youngest. I will send it off this week. Love, Mom

  2. Waiting along with you- let's hope for next week! Love jen and bill

  3. We are hoping you hear something soon!!