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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Cash for Clunkers Babies-R-Us Style

The problem with old car seats is just that, they are old and not safe. Therefore you really cannot do anything with them, not really ethical to sell them and the thrift stores will not even take them. So what is the solution? I am glad to say that the stores Babies-R-Us and joint Toys-R-Us are offering parents a 20% off coupon good for the purchase of a select brand car sear, stroller, highchair, or crib on the same day that you bring in a old one. I am thus pleased to announce that I have disposed of my son's infant car seat as well as the matching stroller that was way to worn in and had a broken lap strap thus making it impossible to actually stap a kid into the stroller. In turn I saved $20 on a awesome folding and height adjustable Baby Trend highchair
and $40 of a Britax car seat. Yep, that's right Britax, the top rated car seats on the market are participating! Funny thing is, I have always thought it strange (and funny) that they have a car seat with fabric that looks like a cow, and who would have know, that is the seat we bought. Only because there was no other fabric option in at the store, but the more I look at it, it is growing on me. So all in all I think we got a good deal today, even if I could have sold the old items at a rummage sale, I would have never got that much money for them and I would have felt really guilty selling them. To check out the participating brands go to the store website, but you only have untill
September 20th.

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