We witness a miracle each time a child enters a life. But those who must make their journey home across time and miles, growing in the hearts of those waiting to love them, are carried on the wings of destiny. And placed among us by God's own hands.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Refocusing, Revitalizing, Renewing.....

It is time to make a change. For my friends and family who are part of my Facebook world you have been able to witness this change. If you have noticed, my posts have switched to (mostly) non-issue worthy life events. Those things like pictures of my animals and random comments about daily life. See I need a break from the drama, a bridge to the calm. Don't get me wrong, I know the drama is still there. Our life is far from perfect, and the world is full of injustice, pain, and suffering. I have answered the call, I have gave till it hurt, and I have loved to the point of pain. Now I need to pull back for the sake of my remaining children, husband, and self. Hence the title of this post. It is time for me to refocus my priorities, revitalize my spirit and health, and renew what it means to be our family. For the purposes of this blog, the title has been returned to the original and I have removed information specific to adoption in Haiti. I am not willing to discuss specifics or opinions regarding our experience with our attempted Haiti adoption in a public forum. If you want to know our experience then please leave a comment. I will be reserving posts to this blog for information specific to post-adoption resources and information as well as worldwide and domestic humanitarian issues which impact orphans. To put it simply, it is time to do some serious compartmentalization.

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