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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Our Try at Yarn Hair Extensions

Given I finally had some time on my hands this last month I decided to give yarn hair extensions a try. The girls look great in them and love tossing their hair around. The black yarn is nearly indistinguishable from Vanessa's hair. Tensae's hair is a bit of a lighter brown then the black yarn but you really have to look close at her hair to notice the difference. I will have to go to the craft store to see if I can match her hair up a bit better. Also the first time I tried this with Tensae's hair I did not use rubber bands at he scalp and sure enough her hair frizzed out in only a week. I was super disappointed as other mom's claimed the style lasted a month or more on their daughter's hair. So on the second round of doing her extensions I did use bands at the scalp as well as a stronger pomade to help reduce the frizzies. You can do the extensions with twists or braids. I went with braids as both of their hair seems to last longer before frizzing out with twists as opposed to braids. We are doing a lot swimming this summer, so I put two swim caps on each one to protect the style from the chlorine and water. They kinda end up looking like cone heads and neither one minds as long as they keep their precious hair in tact!

Here are the pics of the process the first time I tried it with Tensae and some follow up pics of both in their new styles. I got the directions from this great blog: http://www.chocolatehairvanillacare.com/2011/01/yarn-twist-extensions-exercise-in.html

Tensae's hair, all natural; washed, untangled and combed:

The yarn, cut and ready to go, I used two pieces per twist (check out the link for specific instructions):

Looking good so far! You can see I used much longer pieces of yarn so that I could later cut it to be even:

Here she is with the extensions in before I trimmed them as this was way to long:

You can see that the ends give it away that they are yarn and not hair so they need to be burned:

This is what they look like after being burned, still not the same as hair, but less obvious:

Vanessa's extensions, her natural hair is shorter, so we went with shorter extensions:

You can see in this pic, what I mean by Tensae's natural hair frizzing out early:


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