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Sunday, May 29, 2011

My Hometown is Flooding

As we have been busy adjusting as a new family and going to doctor appointments my parents in Bismarck, ND have been emptying everything that they can out of their house in preparation for evacuation. According to the most recent flood map their home is projected to have 6 feet of water in it and the flooding is going to last through the summer. It is so sad to be able to do nothing but save what you can and mentally prepare oneself to watch your dream home be destroyed. See my dad is a retired architect and so he designed and had built their custom home on several acres of land along the Apple Creek outside of Bismarck, ND. The house was built in 1992 and still looks brand new. However that is all about to change. Due to planned releases of water from the Garrison Dam, starting yesterday and going through the end of June, the Missouri river and it's watershed are predicted to flood to a degree greater then the 100 year flood. The occurrence is a less then 1% chance and it is happening. Hundreds of homes and businesses will be damaged in the Bismarck area alone. My sister and her husband are also moving out of their office where they practice law. I know the situation does not seem as terrible as the towns that have been devastated by tornadoes with no warning, but slowly watching your home be destroyed is never easy.




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  1. Kari,
    It is not easy. Our town has been transformed into a sand and dirt pit. We have National Guard and law enforcement everywhere...thank goodness for their service. Everyone is fighting to save their propert, but in the end what really counts is family, friends, and that we avoid loss of life. A home can be rebuilt, possesions repurchased, but a life is forever lost. It is still hard waiting for the loss but we all are trying to keep things in perspective.
    Love you all, Brenda