We witness a miracle each time a child enters a life. But those who must make their journey home across time and miles, growing in the hearts of those waiting to love them, are carried on the wings of destiny. And placed among us by God's own hands.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Letters to Leo: Transitions and Paperwork

Dear Leo,

We had a wonderful day with you on Monday, you laughed, smiled, slept and it all was very natural to everyone in the family. We were told in the morning that we needed to leave right away because they were waiting for us at the Minister's office. We went to get you and while waiting picked up our four suitcases which had now been emptied of the donations. In the room was a enormous pile of all the stuff that we had brought. It struck me how large a pile it was, 200 pounds of clothes, toys, medicines, and shoes but really I wish I could do so much more. We then went and had your passort picture taken and then went to apply to receive your Rwanda passport. Unfortunately they told us that we could not received it untill Friday which will be very close to the deadline that we must meet to turn in your immigration paperwork at the US Consulate on Friday. We then were dissapointed to hear that in fact the Minister had not been able to sign our travel letter and so we would have to bring you back to the orphanage. Back at the hotel, we went for a walk to buy some food at the grocery across the street from the hotel and dad carried you on his back in the Ergo carrier. The men here seemed to think it was the most ridiculous thing they had every seen since in Rwanda it is the women who carry babies on their backs. You however were very content and fell right to sleep. Everyone took a long much needed nap and then we unfortunately had to take you back to the orphanage for the night. We spent the evening at a nice restaraunt specializing in more authentic African food. It smelled great and was really good. The boiled and fried bananas were wonderful. This morning we experienced some concern as we waited at our hotel unable to reach our POA. When she arrived it turned out that she was able to confirm that our travel letter had been signed so we went to pick you up and you were already fast asleep at the orphanage so we had to explain the reason for interrupting what would have been your 3 hour afternoon nap! We changed your clothes and headed to the Minister's office. We received our travel letter and were able to meet the woman who oversees the adoption paperwork. She held you and asked us about you and was very kind. It is clear that she is very busy in her position there. We then had a nice lunch of pizza and pasta and headed back to the hotel as a FOREVER FAMILY. You had a blast wrestling with your brother and getting lots of love from everyone. You definately love being carried in the sling or Ergo on mom and dad. Tonight we met two new families who have recently arrived to conduct their adoptions. We had dinner with one of the families so it was really nice to talk with another family in person about all of our experiences in adoption (you slept through dinner in the sling since you have been going to bed at 5pm at the orphanage). You are now cuddled up in bed beside your sister and between mom and dad. I wonder what you will think when you wake up in the morning? I am guessing that you will meet us with that adorable little smile of yours.

Love, Mom

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  1. Dear Leo,
    I'm your Grandma Barb Potthoff, and I love hearing about you! I called your other Grandma Barb Neubauer to read the letter to her as they don't have a computer yet. We all welcome you to the Family and love you very much. Hope to read more about you. Give our love to Mommy, Daddy, Tensae & Ethan.