We witness a miracle each time a child enters a life. But those who must make their journey home across time and miles, growing in the hearts of those waiting to love them, are carried on the wings of destiny. And placed among us by God's own hands.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Home Coming!

After another delayed flight from Frankfurt to Denver we are happy to report that we arrived home late last night. We flew Luftshansa from Addis to Frankfurt and then Frankfurt to Denver. Contrary to popylar belief we had no visa issues for Leo at the Frankfurt airport. Transit visas are not required for Rwandan citizens and even if he had required it we never went through a check point or were asked. Once you exit the plane you do not pass through immigration unless you try to exit the airport at Frankfurt. We were bummed that the cafe with the great German pastries did not take visa so we ended up eating at the McDonalds in the airport. Kids were totally fine with that though! All was well untill the arrival of our plane was delayed by one hour due to bad weather and then we ended up sitting on the plane for over 2 hours while they de-iced it two times because the pilot was not happy with the first de-icing job. He actually referred to the whole de-icing process on the intercome as despicable and unprofessional. Good thing is that once in the air Lufsthansa airlines include free alcoholic beverages. Now of course we are not big drinkers and were well aware that we had to keep a eye on 3 kids but I definately enjoyed a glass of red wine to calm the nerves while my husband opted for a cold Baileys and Creme. If only every airline realized that it is that easy to help people forget about a 3 hour flight delay! The media system was awesome to so I am defintately happy with our airline choose this time around. We were blessed to be picked up at the airport by a new wonderful friend who had also surprised us by buying and setting up a fresh Christmas tree in our living room. I guess the pine tree plant that I had decorated was pretty tiny looking! As if that was not enough she also brought a huge pot of Kneopfla soap! And we actually know what that is and love it since I am also from North Dakota and make it often. Leo did well with checking out his new home. He did start to tear up and cry at one point when my husband was unloading the van and I think he was afraid that daddy was not staying here with us. Once settled he enjoyed getting into everything he could in the house. He will be sharing a room with big sister which she is actually really excited about. We did some unpacking, started laundry, gave all the kids baths and enjoyed the warm soup then piled everyone up in our big bed for story time. We were so tired that all 5 of us fell asleep squashed together. We will keep Leo in our bed for the first week as he adjusts to us. He is sleeping all night in bed with us wheras I know he would be waking up and afraid in his own bed. This morning I woke up first and watched him, he then woke up, looked at his sleeping dad and kissed him on the cheek and then layed his head in me. He is very content with us and seems to understand that this is home. Lots to do today, we have a ton of laundry to wash, need to call to make a doctor's appointment, go to the grocery store since the fridge is empty, and pick up the dogs. It is still not really feeling like Christmas but I am sure that once we decorated the beautiful Christmas tree and make some cookies this week that we will all get in the mood.


  1. Welcome home, let us know when you are up for a visit!!!

  2. welcome home!! can't wait to hear everything!