We witness a miracle each time a child enters a life. But those who must make their journey home across time and miles, growing in the hearts of those waiting to love them, are carried on the wings of destiny. And placed among us by God's own hands.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Let's Dance!

Apparently May is National Fitness Month so here is my little blurb on how I stay fit. About 3 years ago I joined Jazzercise. This was a bit out of character for me at the time. I am not a fan of exercise. It's not that I do not think exercise is important, I just get really bored by it. I also am not the most coordinated. And so it was by some urging from a fellow graduate student that I attended a free Jazzercise class. One class and I was hooked. Jazzercise is the only organized form of exercise that combines cardio (dance, aerobics, and kickboxing) with strength training and stretching to effectively work every muscle group in 1 hour. And the best part of it, is that it works my brain to! I know that stress negatively impacts our brain similar to advanced aging but thankfully research has also shown that exercise, diet, and challenging brain tasks also can reverse the damage. I am mentioning this now because I took a 3 month break from Jazzercise class in order to have the extra time to complete my dissertation. I started back up again this month and wow I cannot believe how out of shape I became! I am having to start back at it slow because my muscles seem to not be liking this whole idea of exercising again. But my brain loves it! So in summary it is just one way that I keep moving and keep looking on the bright side. So I am sending out a little kudos to the Jazzercize people: http://www.jazzercise.com/ Let's dance!

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  1. Kari,
    I could use a little jazzercise. Looks like fun but my balance disability would send me head over heels. Hope your adoption process is progressing along. God's blessings to you, your family, and for all that you aim to accomplish. You are making a difference and impacting little lives!!