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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Thoughts on Earth Day

How interesting that today, on Earth Day, I came home to "flowers, frogs, and the smell of cow poop". Yes my bulbs survived our recent cold weather and rain and are flowing with all their splendor and strength. And the ditch by our house seems to have been overtaken by frogs. Now I have no idea where they came from but there are so many that you can hear their ribeting from blocks away! And you might be wondering what the smell is about? Well we live in a certain part of CO that smells like cow poop when the wind occasionally blows in just the right direction. It used to really bother me, but now I seemed to be used to it. Last summer my daughter kept saying to me "Where are the cows?!" So we might have to take a drive to see the mysterious smelly cows.
Speaking of cows, in my Earth Day research it appears that we would save a whole lot of energy, in the USA, if as a country we ate less meat. I took a test to determine my own "ecological footprint" and it was very eye opening. I have always thought of my family as fairly environmentally friendly, as my husband is a biologist/ecologist. We recycle everything we can, we have replaced our light bulbs with high efficiency bulbs, we grow a garden and eat all our left over food. But it appears that there is so much more that we could be doing. To take the test yourself go to: http://earthday.net/footprint/

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  1. I like the flowers and frogs, not so sure about the 3rd item though we also occasionally get piggy smells. Flowers are gorgeous but I don't recognize the first one. Maybe pasque flower? The test was definitely interesting naturally I it flunked badly. What else could you expect from the older generation. :)