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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Happy Tartan Day!

My ancestry is nearly 50% Scottish. My maternal uncle has researched and documented our family history and a few of the more well known names that prop up include the Caldwell's (http://caldwellgenealogy.com/caldwell.html), and the Stewart's (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/House_of_Stuart). Going back 13 generations of my maternal family history you will find John Stark of Killermont, Scotland. Here is a picture of the Killermont house: http://gdl.cdlr.strath.ac.uk/smihou/smihou064.htm which is now used as a clubhouse and administrative office for the Glasgow Golf Club. I think that all this history is interesting, however, I never knew untill this week, that there was a national Scottish day in the US. I actually discovered this while reading the blog of a fellow Ethiopian adoptive mother. One of her sons plays the bagpipe (very cool hobby for a teenager!). You can check it out on the blog titled "The Zoo" under my Ethiopian adoption blog links. So anyways yes today is national Tartan Day and I am so dissapointed because there is a big celebration in the Denver area but we were slammed with a sleet/snow/wind storm last night and the wind is still going strong. So not so ideal weather to be driving two kids to the Tartan Day festivities. You can learn about national Tartan Day and each states events at http://www.tartanday.org/ The Colorado Tartan Day website is at http://www.coloradotartanday.com/

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